Coffee tables

Here you’ll find coffee tables in classic materials like solid oak and marble, but also tables in materials such as aluminum or concrete. Exclusive design and high-quality materials are the common denominator. Having trouble choosing? Further down the page, we’ll guide you to the perfect coffee table for your home!

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The coffee table is a natural focal point in the living room and also an important surface for displaying items – that’s why it needs to be both stylish and practical. Here, we provide tips on how to choose the perfect coffee table for your home!

Which style suits you?

Since the coffee table is such a central piece of furniture in the living room, it’s important to choose a style that fits both the room and your personality. What works best for you – timeless, classic shapes or more adventurous lines that make a statement? Consider the atmosphere you want to create in your decor.

Some people choose to match the coffee table and sofa by letting colors or materials run as a common thread through the furniture. It can also be effective to think the opposite and let the contrasts bring life and depth to the interior. In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference, but there are also more parameters than just design to consider when choosing a coffee table!

Coffee tables in different materials

When choosing a coffee table, the material makes a big difference in both style and function. Coffee tables in glass or marble are elegant, while metal and concrete provide a more rugged feel. A coffee table in light wood can give the seating group a softer and more airy expression, while dark wood adds weight to the furniture set. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find care tips for coffee tables in different materials.

Square or round coffee table?

Round coffee tables, oval coffee tables, square or rectangular? Coffee tables come in many variations, even in soft, organically irregular shapes. Consider what suits you best.

Round coffee tables give a soft, inviting impression, and you avoid sharp corners. If you have many straight lines and right angles in the decor, a round coffee table can also balance out the overall look in terms of shape.

However, if you have two sofas facing each other, a rectangular or oval coffee table may fit better, filling the space more effectively between the sofas.

How big coffee table should I choose? 3 tips

  • When choosing the size of the coffee table, it’s good to consider the proportions of the room and the entire seating group. A generous coffee table requires some space to avoid dominating the entire room. It’s a good idea to measure the dimensions of the coffee table on the floor at home before making a decision
  • Keep in mind that the coffee table should not fill the entire space in front of the sofa. Leave some space between the sofa and the coffee table to create a more airy impression, while also making it easier to move around the furniture. A good rule of thumb is that the length of the coffee table should be about half or at most two-thirds of the width of the sofa.
  • If you want to be able to have snacks and meals at the coffee table, you’ll need more table surface area than if the coffee table is mainly meant to serve as a beautiful centerpiece. If you need a lot of surface area beside the sofa, you can complement it with smaller side tables next to the sofa.

How high should the coffee table be?

Typically, coffee tables are around 45 cm high, but the height can vary. A good rule of thumb is to choose a coffee table that is approximately the same height as the seating height of the sofa.

Low coffee tables often give an elegant, airy impression and perhaps a bit of a luxurious lounge feeling. However, keep in mind that a table that is only around 30 cm high may be impractical if you want to eat on the sofa.

Nested tables as a coffee table

Using several smaller side tables or nested tables as a coffee table can be both beautiful and practical. Small tables of different heights placed close together create a beautiful and interesting focal point.

Choosing multiple small tables instead of one larger one allows for more variation in the decor. You can easily move one or more of the tables if you want to rearrange the furniture. Having breakfast or dinner on the sofa is also more convenient if everyone can have their own table close at hand.

Nested tables of different heights can be used individually or pushed together to form one piece of furniture. Practical for both a coffee table and side tables!

Coffee tables with storage

Many coffee tables have a shelf under the tabletop for items like remote controls and magazines. There are also coffee tables with drawers for those who prefer closed storage. If you know that you like to have everything in its place, a coffee table with storage is a good choice. However, a stylish coffee table book can still be placed on top of the coffee table. Or why not decorate with a small stack of beautiful books on the table? Playing with different heights is a great way to create some dynamism.

More tricks for a cozy living room

A large carpet ties sofas, armchairs and tables together into a harmonious whole. Perhaps you also want to supplement with matching cabinets or shelves? The lighting in the living room is also important, and during the darker seasons it is cozy with candlesticks or lanterns on the coffee table. Also feel free to take a look at our range of mirrors and other interior accessories that give the sofa corner and the living room that little something extra.

Care instructions for coffee tables in various materials

Here you’ll find care instructions for materials commonly used in coffee tables from Artwood. If you take good care of your coffee table, it will stay beautiful for many years.

Coffee Table – Wood

Wipe the table with a lightly damp cloth as needed. Dish soap can dry out the wood; instead, use soap that has a rehydrating effect. Coffee tables made of wood with an irregular surface may also benefit from occasional vacuuming with a soft brush. Regularly wax your wooden coffee table with Spray Wax to prevent liquids and dirt from penetrating the wood surface.

Coffee Table – Concrete

Wipe the concrete coffee table with a lightly damp cloth, possibly with a little green or yellow soap in the water. Never use abrasive materials or cleaning products containing acid, bleach, or ammonia, as they will damage the concrete surface. Our concrete coffee tables are waxed, providing good initial protection against stains, but for continued protection, you should wax the concrete table once during the first two months after purchase and then regularly every three to six months. Spray Wax provides good protection and is easy to use.

Coffee Table – Marble

Marble coffee tables are resilient in many ways, but they can be sensitive to liquids as the porous stone absorbs them. Therefore, it’s advisable to use coasters for vases, glasses, and cups, and to promptly wipe up any spills. Wipe the marble coffee table with a lightly damp cloth, preferably with a little green or yellow soap in the water. Never use abrasive materials or cleaning products containing acid, bleach, or ammonia, as they can damage the marble surface.

Coffee Table – Aluminum

Our aluminum coffee tables have a thin layer of lacquer on top of the metal for protection, but the surface is still sensitive to spills. Therefore, it’s advisable to use coasters for vases, glasses, and cups, and to promptly wipe up any spills. Our aluminum coffee tables are also sensitive to heat, so be extra careful to use coasters under items like tea mugs and coffee cups. Clean the aluminum coffee table with a lightly damp cloth, avoiding strong cleaning agents.

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