Dining chairs

Barstool, armchair, or chair with upholstery and fabric covering? Here, you’ll find timeless classics as well as modern dining chairs with more original designs. Consider both form and function and look for chairs that encourage you and your guests to linger at the table for a while.

Perfect match or style clash?

When buying furniture for your dining area, you can choose to match materials and styles or mix different styles. What suits you and your home? A classic, timeless dining area never goes out of style, but there’s nothing that says everything needs to match. On the contrary, a style clash can be the perfect finishing touch! You can tie everything together by letting materials and colors become a common thread that reappears even in details like candle holders and other accessories in the dining area. Another way to create harmony in the room is by placing a large, beautiful rug under the table.

More tips for a cozy dining area

In addition to candles, beautiful tableware, and other table decorations, using a tablecloth, fabric napkins, and perhaps a thin throw over the chair backs can enhance the coziness of the dining area. Textiles provide a soft, welcoming feel.

Also, consider the lighting. A beautiful pendant light over the table provides illumination and serves as a lovely focal point, even when it’s not lit. Feel free to decorate the room with more lighting elements like attractive table lamps and floor lamps.


Dining chairs, armchairs, kitchen chairs, barstools…

The right dining chair can truly make a significant difference in your dining area and elevate the entire room. At Artwood, you’ll find stylish and comfortable dining chairs in a variety of materials and styles:

  • Fabric-upholstered and padded dining chairs and armchairs create a cozy atmosphere in the dining area. Some chairs are available in multiple variations, such as with or without armrests and with shorter or longer skirts. Timeless classics in linen or velvet, but also more unique designs like the Monsoon dining chair, which is fully upholstered in a textile resembling cowhide! When you purchase upholstered chairs from Artwood, you often have the option to choose the upholstery from our textile collection.
  • Dining chairs and armchairs in leather with metal or beautiful wood legs, such as ash or beech, create a sophisticated atmosphere in the dining area. Genuine leather develops a charming patina over time.
  • Rattan dining chairs provide a classic, cozy feeling. Choose between slimmer rattan chairs and more generous wicker armchairs. Most of our rattan chairs come with comfortable seat cushions, and you can select the fabric yourself.
  • High stools and barstools in beautiful materials like elm, teak, iron, and rattan are suitable for higher tables. You can even add padding or cushions in fabric or leather for comfortable seating at the kitchen island or bar counter.


Choosing dining chairs – 3 measurements to keep in mind

Selecting the right dining chairs for your dining area also involves considering measurements. How much space do you have? Which dining table should the chairs match? And how many people do you want to seat around the table? Here are three measurements to keep in mind when buying new dining chairs:

  • Dining chairs are typically around 45-55 cm wide. Also, allow for approximately 15 cm between the chairs to ensure it doesn’t feel cramped when seated at the table. Measure the tabletop of your dining table as well as the distance between the pairs of legs to determine how many dining chairs can fit around your table.
  • Consider the seat height of the dining chair in relation to the height of the tabletop. Many dining tables are approximately 72-75 cm tall, and you can expect to need about 30 cm between the seat and tabletop for comfortable seating. If the chair has a cushion or padded seat, you can measure the seat height with the cushion or seat compressed.
  • Armchairs with armrests can provide both comfort and a touch of luxury but require a bit more space. Double-check the measurements and consider leaving some extra margin to ensure there’s enough space around the table.


Care advice for your dining chairs

The care instructions for dining chairs can vary. Here, we provide general advice, but always inquire about the specific care instructions for the chairs you are purchasing.

Dining chairs in wood & metal

Dining chairs made entirely of wood and/or metal are perhaps the easiest to keep clean. Often, simply wiping them down with a damp cloth from time to time is sufficient. You can also vacuum them with a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Leather dining chairs

Padded leather dining chairs are typically easy to keep fresh. Wipe away stains immediately with a damp cloth, and if necessary, you can use a mild soap or a product like Leather Clean & Protect, which contains items for both leather care and maintenance (note that it is not suitable for suede, nubuck, or bycast leather).

Clothed dining chairs with fabric cushions

Dining chairs with fabric upholstery can be vacuumed using a soft furniture attachment. Additionally, it’s a good idea to treat the upholstery with fabric protection spray 1-2 times a year to help resist dirt. For stains, you can clean the fabric with Textile Clean & Protect, which includes a water-based cleaning foam and a fabric protector. Can the chair cushions or upholstery be removed? Some fabrics in our textile collection are machine washable on a gentle cycle. You can also dry clean the cushions or use Textile Clean & Protect on fixed upholstery.

Rattan dining chairs

Rattan dining chairs are generally robust and durable, but it’s essential to prevent the rattan from becoming dry and brittle. Keep your rattan chairs moist by occasionally misting them with water using a spray bottle. When cleaning, we recommend using a soft brush or a lightly damp cloth. You can also vacuum your rattan chairs with a soft nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

If you have dining chairs made of synthetic rattan, for example, on your outdoor patio, you can wipe them clean with a damp cloth. You can also use a product like Plastic Rattan Conditioner, which both cleans and rejuvenates synthetic rattan.


At our resellers across the country, you can view and test-sit all of Artwoods dining chairs, as well as receive more tips on how to choose the right chair for you and your dining area. You are warmly welcome to find the perfect fit for your dining space.