Photographic art

Add character to your home with art! Here you’ll find everything from modern, abstract art to large, grand aluminum photographic art pieces and exclusive photo prints on plexiglass.

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Photographic art and other forms of art are accessories for the home – beautiful ornaments that express your style and give your home personality. Here you’ll find tips on how to think when choosing and hanging art.

The art in your home says a lot about who you are. Choose photographic art that resonates with you and that you enjoy. In our exclusive art selection, you’ll find modern, abstract pieces with edge, as well as portraits and photographic art from various parts of the world. Expressive motifs come in various sizes and color palettes, and many of our pieces are available in exciting materials such as aluminum and plexiglass.

Large photographic art – significant impression

Large photographic art pieces have a special impact on interior design – art that asserts itself gives the room an entirely different character. Our photographic art pieces are available in various sizes, with some measuring over 250 cm! Thanks to these large formats, you can create a completely unique atmosphere in your home.

Many of the motifs are available in different sizes, making it easy for you to find pieces that suit both your style and your wall measurements.

Hanging photographic art is an art in itself!

When hanging art at home, it’s worth trying different placements before making a decision. Place the art pieces on the floor or a shelf and experiment before hanging them up. If you want to hang multiple pieces in a group, you can lay them out on the floor to test different compositions. Below are more tips that may be helpful to consider.

How high should photographic art be hung?

The height at which a piece of art should be hung depends on both the size of the art piece and the ceiling height in the room. However, there are tricks that can make it easier for those who are uncertain.

  • The 140 cm principle means that the center of the artwork should be approximately 140 cm from the floor. This is usually considered a comfortable eye level for viewers. If you’re hanging a gallery wall with multiple pieces, you can apply the same principle, but the center of the entire collection should be 140 cm from the floor instead. If you want to hang art pieces of different sizes in a row, you can start with a common centerline and let it be approximately 140 cm from the floor.
  • The one-third rule is another trick to create balance and harmony in the interior. It means that the centerline of the artwork should be at about 2/3 of the wall height from the floor (or 1/3 down from the ceiling). The same trick can be applied to the width, so that the artwork or gallery wall covers, for example, 2/3 of the wall or the width of the furniture it hangs above.
  • Aligning at the bottom is a good technique for very large art pieces. A suitable distance from the floor to the bottom of the artwork can then be 0.8 – 1.4 meters, depending on the room’s ceiling height.

These rules can be useful guidelines when hanging art pieces, but keep in mind that the room’s ceiling height, the size of the art piece, and other furnishings can affect the proportions.

Consider the viewing distance

Art can be experienced in so many different ways, and the impression you get from a distance can completely change if you take a few steps forward and look closely. Large photographic art pieces often require a bit more viewing distance. Experiment! If you have a short viewing distance, such as in a narrow hallway or a small room, a smaller art piece and/or a simpler motif may be more suitable.

Do pictures always have to hang on the wall?

No, it can be very stylish to place a large photographic art piece on the floor, leaning against the wall. Just make sure to anchor it securely so it won’t topple over. Hanging art from the ceiling can also be very impactful, perhaps even in front of a window?

Psst… When you buy a new art piece, it might also be worth rearranging some of your existing art pieces. By rearranging your art, you can quickly change the character of the rooms. Art should evoke emotions, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try different approaches.

More accessories for your home

Art does a lot for the ambiance in your home, but there are also other ways to decorate with accessories. Candle holders, mirrors, beautiful cushions, and other decorations make the home feel alive and welcoming. And don’t be afraid to mix styles, colors, and materials – as long as you choose things you like, your home will feel cozy.

Artwoods extensive range of photographic art and other exclusive home accessories can be found at our retailers nationwide. Welcome in to find your favorites!