A lovely carpet is decorative while also providing warmth and sound insulation. Here, you can find exclusive sisal carpets and wool carpets, but also elegant carpets in materials such as cotton, viscose, and various synthetic fibers.

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A carpet adds texture, color, and shape – and can actually change the entire feel of the room. With the right carpet in place, the room feels harmonious and complete! Here, we provide tips on how to choose carpets for your home.

Different colors, shapes, and materials

A carpet can be so many things, from a thick, cozy shag rug by the bedside to a flat-woven, slightly more structured rug that might welcome you at the entrance or define the dining area.

When you’re buying a carpet, choose based on both appearance and function. For instance, an entryway rug or doormat needs to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear. In the bedroom, a large, plush rug can be delightful, while in the dining area, you might prefer a flat-woven rug or one with a short pile that’s easy to keep clean. And for the outdoor patio, you’ll need a durable outdoor rug that can withstand rain and strong sunlight.

We offer carpets in exclusive natural materials like hemp, jute, sisal, cotton, wool, and viscose, but also in durable synthetic fibers like olefin, polyester, polyamide, and polypropylene, which are even suitable for outdoor use.

Our carpets come in various sizes and with many patterns and colors. A patterned and/or colorful rug will draw attention, while a single-colored rug in a more neutral shade gives a more understated impression.

What size should I choose?

A common interior design mistake is choosing a carpet that’s too small. When buying a carpet for a sofa group or dining area, the basic rule is that the entire furniture arrangement should fit on the carpet. Even under the bed, it’s a good idea to have a really large carpet. Here’s how you can think when buying a carpet for different areas in your home:

  • Sofa Group: If the entire sofa group doesn’t fit on the carpet, place the carpet so that at least 2/3 or 1/3 of the front of the sofa is on the carpet. In terms of width, the carpet should be large enough to accommodate the entire sofa and have at least 20 cm of carpet on each side of the sofa. Coffee tables and any armchairs, ottomans, and side tables should also fit on the living room carpet. You can custom order really large carpets with us!
  • Dining Area: In the dining area, you want to be able to pull out the chairs and still have them standing on the carpet. So, it’s best to buy a carpet large enough to leave about 70 cm of carpet all around the table.
  • Bedroom: Many choose to have a large carpet under the bed. In that case, let the carpet extend about 60 cm around the sides of the bed. It looks best when the bedside tables are also on the carpet. An alternative is to place a smaller carpet at the foot of the bed but let the head of the bed rest directly on the floor. You can also choose narrower carpets along the sides and foot of the bed.

Not sure which size to choose? Tape the different carpet dimensions on the floor to make it easier to get a feel for which size works best for your furniture and your room.

Large, small, and custom carpets

Arwood offers many large carpets with dimensions of up to 300×400 cm. We also have large round carpets in our range, as well as smaller, narrower carpets with measurements like 70×140 cm and 80×250 cm.

Many of Artwood’s carpets can also be custom ordered according to your preferences. This is perfect when you need a truly large carpet. This way, you can get the perfect carpet for your home!

More tips for a cozy atmosphere

A lovely carpet does a lot to create a cozy atmosphere in the room. To make your home even more inviting, you can add more textiles in the form of decorative pillows and throws, for example. Here, you can also find Artwood’s bed textiles for a luxurious and cozy bedroom. Opt for comfortable natural materials like cotton or linen in the summer and warm wool or faux fur for the colder seasons.

7 care instructions for carpets

Here are some general care tips for carpets, but always consult with the store for specific instructions regarding your carpet:

  1. Vacuum the carpet regularly, preferably a couple of times a week. Fold in the bristles on the vacuum cleaner nozzle to prevent excessive wear on the carpet.
  2. Rotate the carpet periodically to reduce the risk of uneven wear and sun fading. Keep in mind that direct sunlight can fade the colors of the carpet.
  3. Remove spills and stains as soon as possible by blotting the stain with a damp cloth (do not rub, as it may spread the stain) and then blot up the liquid with clean paper towels or a dry, clean cloth. If the stain has dried, you can try vacuuming or gently scraping off the dirt first. After cleaning, brush the carpet pile where the stain was while it’s still slightly damp.
  4. Indentations from furniture often disappear on their own after some time when the furniture is moved. You can speed up the process by vacuuming over the marks. You can also lightly moisten the carpet pile with warm water and then try to gently brush the depressed areas. Avoid dragging furniture back and forth on the carpet and use furniture coasters or leg protectors under sofa and table legs.
  5. Air the carpet out by hanging it for ventilation once a year. Avoid shaking or beating the carpet; it’s better to brush it with a soft brush.
  6. Have the carpet professionally dry cleaned from time to time. Some companies can also come to your home and clean large carpets on-site.
  7. When the carpet is not in use, store it rolled up rather than folded or vacuum-sealed, as folding or vacuum-packing can damage the carpet.

Wool carpets – Consider the following

A new wool carpet may release loose excess fibers initially. This is normal and diminishes over time.

  • The size of a wool carpet may slightly vary over time, depending on the room’s humidity and temperature. Dimensions can vary by up to +-1%.
  • If you want to freshen up a wool carpet, you can actually use dry shampoo! Spray it over the carpet and let it sit. Vacuum any excess.
  • For stains on a wool carpet, it’s a good idea to blot with a cloth dampened with mineral water. Avoid bleach and strong cleaning agents that can damage the wool.
  • Stains from natural colorants like coffee and tea may gradually fade on their own if you place the wool carpet in bright light.

Sisal carpets – Consider the following

  • Sisal carpets are durable and easy to vacuum and keep clean, but they are sensitive to water. They are made from natural jute, hemp, and sisal fibers, materials that can become “bubbly” and develop permanent water stains. Therefore, be cautious with liquids if you want to remove stains from a sisal carpet; only use a lightly damp cloth and immediately blot up excess water with a dry cloth or paper.
  • If you want to freshen up a sisal carpet, you can use dry shampoo. Spray it over the carpet and let it sit. Vacuum any excess.
  • A sisal carpet may vary slightly in size over time because the fibers are influenced by the room’s humidity and temperature. Dimensions can vary by up to +-1%.

Outdoor carpets – Consider the following:

  • You can clean outdoor carpets with a mild dish soap and water. Use a soft brush to work in the dish soap. Then rinse the carpet with water, but never use a high-pressure washer.
  • Outdoor carpets may benefit from being aired out occasionally, allowing the underside to dry properly from time to time.

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