Large ceiling lamps & chandeliers

Do you have high ceilings? Then you have everything to gain by choosing large ceiling lamps, they become beautiful eye-catchers. Here you will find all of Artwood’s ceiling lamps and chandeliers, large and small.

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A ceiling lamp illuminates the room while also serving as a beautiful interior detail. The color, shape, material, and size make a significant difference to the atmosphere of the room – the right ceiling lamp sets the style and creates the mood you’re looking for.

Which ceiling lamp suits you?

Some prefer a sleek and quite neutral ceiling lamp that blends in, while others opt for a grand, large ceiling lamp that truly stands out in the room.

In Artwood’s range, you’ll find large ceiling lamps and majestic chandeliers in elegant materials such as glass and brass. We also have more rustic models in iron and our unique Antler chandeliers, available in various sizes and colors.

If you’re looking for a ceiling lamp with cleaner lines in timeless design and perhaps a slimmer model, one of our pendant fixtures in materials like glass, linen, and faux leather might be suitable.< If you want a truly elegant atmosphere in the room, you might choose an exclusive ceiling lamp with shimmering crystal prisms.

How high should the lamp hang?

The height at which the fixture should hang depends on the dimensions of the room, the size of the ceiling lamp, and where in the room you’re hanging it. Here are some tips:

  • Hang the ceiling lamp high enough so that you don’t hit your head on it. The bottom of the lamp should hang at least 200 cm above the floor. Start from the tallest person in the household and make sure everyone can walk straight under the lamp. If you have doors near the lamp, you should also make sure they don’t hit the fixture.
  • A ceiling lamp over a dining table should be hung lower, about 50-60 cm above the tabletop is a good guideline. This spreads the light over the table without causing glare, while also not obstructing the view; you want to be able to see the person sitting opposite you. Similarly, you can think about hanging a ceiling lamp over the coffee table. It’s helpful to have someone hold the lamp at different heights while you sit at the table and see how it looks from various angles.
  • Large ceiling lamps and chandeliers can be hung higher even over dining tables and coffee tables, if the ceiling height allows. If the room has high ceilings, perhaps the fixture serves more as an eye-catching centerpiece and “fills the space” rather than providing light over the tabletop?

The best tip is to experiment with how the specific ceiling lamp you’ve chosen hangs best in your space.

5 tips for lighting your home

  • Better one lamp too many than one too few… Several light sources at different heights provide functional as well as beautiful lighting. In a medium-sized living room, it’s usually suitable to have 6-10 light sources, and it’s perfectly fine to use multiple ceiling lamps in one room! For example, you might want a ceiling lamp for general lighting in the middle of the room, and a pendant fixture or chandelier over the dining or coffee table.
  • Consider general lighting, task lighting, and mood lighting to create a lovely dynamic in the room. General lighting is often a ceiling lamp that can illuminate the entire room and provide good visibility, for example, during cleaning. Mood lighting can be floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, but also things like string lights that spread soft light. Task lighting is lamps that illuminate a specific area with directed light, for example, above the kitchen counter or by the bed or reading chair.
  • Dimmer switches and diffused light make it easier to create a cozy atmosphere. A diffused, indirect light provides a more atmospheric illumination than direct light. For example, a fabric shade filters the light softly and pleasantly, and with a dimmer switch, you can adjust the brightness as needed. Even large ceiling lamps can provide cozy lighting if you dim the light significantly.
  • Light sources with a warm white glow feel cozier. The color temperature of light is measured in Kelvin (K), and the lower the Kelvin value, the warmer the light. For example, candlelight is around 1500K, and warm white lights usually range from 2200-3300K. However, where you need good task lighting, such as at the kitchen counter or workspace, you might choose a cooler, white light that is more similar to daylight.
  • Supplement the lamps with candles. Candlesticks and lanterns with live flames do a lot for the ambiance and feeling. Feel free to combine shorter candle holders and taller candlesticks, and remember to blow out the candles when you leave the room.


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