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Calais is a modern and rustic table with a Travertine table top that exudes luxury. The table is available in three different sizes where you can choose to use the table separately, or together with the other sizes.

Travertine is a natural limestone, which are softer and more porous, than e.g., granite and therefore requires a little more care. There may be small cavities in the stone, which are completely normal for real natural stone and are part of the stone’s character. Each stone is completely unique, and no two stones are alike. They are polished from the factory and have a soft and glossy surface. Veins and streaks can vary greatly due to the mining from different boulders. Therefore, it can differ a lot in patterns and colors between two stones.

The table top consists of Travertine with a base in dark brown metal.

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Height: 35 cm
Diameter: 80 cm
Weight: 46.14 kg

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