Cushion covers & decorative pillows

New cushion covers on the sofa or bed are a great way to create significant change with small means. Mix or match patterns, colors, and textures according to your personal taste. Here you will find exclusive cushion covers made of materials such as cotton, linen, and velvet, but also leather and faux fur.

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Artwood’s wide range of decorative pillows and cushion covers are made of exclusive, high-quality materials. When choosing pillows, consider not only color and pattern but also shape, texture, and feel. Often, the combination of different types of materials can add that extra touch to your interior design.

Choose cushion covers and pillows like this

  • Feel free to mix classic shapes and patterns with something that stands out, such as faux fur, an interesting texture, or even a leather pillow. You can apply the same approach to the color palette; similar shades create a calm impression, while contrasting colors can truly enhance each other and the entire room.
  • Varying sizes and shapes of pillows is also a way to make the interior design more vibrant and inviting. Common dimensions for square pillows are 50×50 cm and 60×60 cm. If you want to create a layered pillow arrangement, you can combine them with rectangular pillows, such as ones measuring 60×40 cm.
  • Also, consider how the pillows will be used. If they are meant to function as extra headrests, soft and comfortable materials like velvet and cotton are suitable. Leather pillows are durable classics that can withstand spills and rough handling.
  • Invest in a set of high-quality inner cushions and then change the covers based on your mood and the season – it’s an easy way to give the room a quick makeover.
  • Both the corner of a sofa and the bedroom will feel even more inviting when combined with a cozy blanket. Opt for comfortable natural materials like cotton or linen during the summer, and warm wool or faux fur for the colder seasons.

Psst… Pillows and other textiles create a cozy atmosphere in the room and also work wonders for the acoustics! That’s why it’s gratifying to decorate with pillows in all rooms of the house, not just in the sofa corner and bedroom. Perhaps also on a bench in the hallway or in the bathroom? A deep window nook becomes inviting with a comfortable pillow.

To take care of your fabric decorative pillows

Shake and fluff your decorative pillows regularly and air them out outdoors if possible. Fresh air does wonders for the inner cushions.You can also vacuum the pillows using a soft upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner, but airing them out is beneficial for the inner cushions.
Follow the care instructions for both the inner cushion and the cushion cover. If no specific instructions are provided, we recommend airing them out and, if necessary, dry cleaning. In case of stains, you can use Textile Clean & Protect, a water-based foam cleaner suitable for cleaning and caring for most textile materials.

Care instructions for leather pillows

Leather pillows also benefit from regular shaking and fluffing. You can remove the inner cushion and air it out.
Leather cushion covers can be vacuumed using a soft upholstery attachment or wiped with a lightly dampened cloth.

Outdoor decorative pillows

Even your outdoor patio can become cozier with lovely pillows. Just keep in mind that not all pillows and cushion covers are suitable for Sweden’s ever-changing weather… If you choose cushion covers made from our weather-resistant fabrics, they will withstand the sun, wind, and some moisture. However, if there’s a rain shower, it’s best to bring them indoors.

Would you like to take a closer look at our wide range of cushion covers and decorative pillows? Welcome to your nearest Artwood retailer!