Wicker dining chairs

Exclusive wicker dining chairs; sleeker models but also more generous basket chairs. All in a natural, harmonious color palette that gives your dining area an elegant, relaxed atmosphere.

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Wicker dining chairs are true classics, regardless of the design you choose. Wicker is a durable natural material with timeless charm, and over time, wicker chairs develop a beautiful patina. Choose chairs that are not only stylish but also comfortable enough for you and your guests to linger at the table for a long time. Here are some tips on what to consider when choosing wicker chairs.

No wicker chairs are alike

Our rattan dining chairs are made by hand in the traditional way. This makes each chair unique. Differences in color and appearance may also occur depending on the season in which the rattan is harvested. These small differences are part of the charm of a natural material like rattan.

Mix or match?

When choosing furniture for your dining area, you can either choose to match or mix materials and styles. Rattan chairs have a rustic expression that lends itself well to solid dining tables in, for example, wood, but it can also be effective with rattan chairs to dining tables in concrete. Only you can decide which style suits you and your home. A nice way to tie together the decor at the dining area is also to pick up the material rattan in more details, for example as in lanterns and baskets on the table.

Dimensions to keep in mind when choosing dining chairs

Which dining chairs in rattan suit your dining area is also about how big the space is, which dining table they should go with and how many people you want to fit around the table. Here are some measurements that may be good to keep in mind when choosing dining chairs.

  • Dining chairs are usually about 45-55 cm wide. Also expect to leave about 15 cm of space between the chairs; then you can sit comfortably and the chairs won’t hit each other as easily. 60 cm is therefore often a good width per person and chair around the table so that it does not feel cramped. Measure the top of the dining table but also the distance between the pairs of legs to calculate how many dining chairs will fit at your table.
  • Also consider the seat height of the dining chair in relation to the height of the table top. Many dining tables are approximately 72-75 cm high and you can expect that you need about 30 cm between the seat of the chair and the table top. If the chair has a cushion, you can measure the seat height with the cushion in a compressed position.
  • 80 cm of free space around the dining table from the edge of the table is a good basic rule so that you can pull out the chairs and move freely around the table.

An armchair with armrests can feel both more comfortable and more luxurious. Just keep in mind that they require a little more space.

Wicker dining chairs thrive best indoors

Wicker is a sustainable natural material made from thick grass and palm varieties. Our dining chairs are made from Indonesian wicker, such as kubu, slimit, abaca, croco, lacak, and malaka – high-quality wicker varieties. However, all natural wicker is sensitive to moisture. Therefore, wicker dining chairs are best suited for indoor use.

Wicker chairs on the patio?

If you want wicker chairs that can withstand outdoor conditions, we recommend using synthetic wicker chairs instead. Synthetic wicker, made of polyethylene on an aluminum frame, is sometimes referred to as all-weather wicker. This material is virtually maintenance-free and is an excellent choice for those seeking durable outdoor dining chairs. You can find our synthetic wicker dining chairs here.

Wicker chair – care instructions

  • Natural wicker can become a little dry over time, making the material brittle and more susceptible to damage. Therefore, gently moisten your wicker dining chairs from time to time using a lightly damp cloth or a spray bottle with water.
  • When cleaning wicker furniture, we recommend using a soft brush or a lightly damp cloth. If the chairs are dusty, you can gently vacuum them using the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. Never use a high-pressure washer or strong cleaning agents, as they can damage both the material and the chair’s construction.
  • Does your wicker chair have fabric cushions? Some fabrics can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle; check the care label on your cushions. You can also dry clean the cushions or use Textile Clean & Protect, which contains products for both cleaning and waterproofing textiles.

More tips for a cozy dining area

Many of Artwood’s wicker dining chairs come with seat cushions. The standard cushion color is off-white, but you can also choose to have the cushions in a fabric of your choice from our fabric collection to match the rest of the room’s decor. Adding a lightweight throw over the chair backs enhances the coziness, and a beautiful rug ties the dining group together for a harmonious whole. Incorporating textiles is a quick and easy way to create a more inviting atmosphere at the dining area!

At our resellers across the country, you can see and try out all of our wicker dining chairs. You’re warmly welcome to find your favorite!