Sunchairs & sunbeds

Here you’ll find stylish, comfortable sun loungers and dining chairs in exclusive design. Naturally made of durable quality materials that withstand our Swedish, somewhat changeable weather.

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Sunbeds in synthetic rattan and deck chairs in teak for long, leisurely days. We have a wide range of elegant sunbeds and sunchairs for patio and garden. What suits your patio best?

Comfortable sunchairs & sunbeds

Here you’ll find comfortable, modern sunbeds in synthetic rattan with adjustable backrests and soft cushions for the highest comfort on summer’s delightful days. Perfect when you want to enjoy the warming rays of the sun, but also cozy for a nap in the shade.

We also have iconic deck chairs in Adirondack style, with curved backs and wide armrests in classic New England fashion. A teak Adirondack chair is timeless and fits just as nicely on the deck outside the mountain cabin as by the pool or under the apple tree in the garden.

You’ll also find beautiful sunchairs with adjustable backrests and extendable footrests – comfortable classics that are equally suitable for morning coffee with the family as for evening drinks with good friends, or perhaps a quiet moment for yourself in the shade under an umbrella.

Complement your comfortable spot in the sun with one or two side tables and maybe an extra bench or footstool. Perfect as a surface for snacks, a plant stand, or extra seating.

Keep reading for tips on how to decorate an oasis under the open sky. At the bottom of the page, you’ll also find care instructions for our sunbeds and sunchairs.

Decorating a patio

Who wouldn’t want a comfortable and luxurious patio to relax on during leisurely moments? When decorating your patio, it’s good to consider the floor, walls, and roof. The more spacious you can make it, the more inviting and cozy the patio will feel.

Floor: The patio floor can be, for example, a wooden deck, a paved area, or a concrete floor. If your patio has a hard and cold surface, a wooden deck or a large weather-resistant rug can be comfortable underfoot, while also making a big difference aesthetically.

Walls: Perhaps your patio already has walls in the form of a house facade, a fence, or a hedge? Make use of them by, for example, hanging a mirror, lighting, or plants. If your patio lacks walls, you can create a similar room-like feeling with the help of trellises, console tables, pedestals, or large pots with beautiful plants.

Roof: Sun sails and umbrellas work well as roofs over the patio, providing both shade and a pleasant atmosphere. A canopy of trees or a larger bush that extends over the patio can serve the same function while also providing lovely greenery – and perhaps beautiful blooms in spring and glowing autumn colors as the season comes to an end. If it’s difficult to achieve the feeling of a roof, a few strings of lights over the patio can be enough. Then you can still enjoy life under the open sky!

More tips for a cozy patio:

Our sunbeds and sunchairs often come with soft cushions, and you can choose fabric from our collection of outdoor fabrics. Textiles instantly enhance the cozy atmosphere, so feel free to complement them with some extra pillows and perhaps a blanket for cooler weather. If you use the patio during winter as well, faux fur or warm wool pillows and blankets can be delightful.

Plants are also a great way to create a more inviting atmosphere. You can have plants in pots on the ground or tables, but also hanging in balcony boxes and plant hangers. Consider placing the plants in small groups for a calmer, more harmonious impression. Opting for perennial plants in slightly larger, frost-resistant pots means they’ll come back year after year and can still be beautiful even in winter.

Lighting extends the outdoor season, and string lights and lanterns are also great for enhancing the cozy factor. The same basic rule applies here as for plants: grouping them together can create a more harmonious impression.

Care instructions for sunbeds & sunchairs

Regardless of the type of sunbed or sunchair you choose, you’ll need to wipe down the furniture occasionally to keep it clean. However, care instructions may vary slightly depending on the material.

Synthetic rattan is a very low-maintenance and durable material that is nearly maintenance-free. Wash your synthetic rattan sunbeds and sunchairs with water and a soft brush occasionally to keep them looking nice. You can also use Plastic Rattan Conditioner, which both cleans and re-fattens your synthetic rattan furniture.

Wood, such as teak, requires a bit more care. Sunbeds and sunchairs made of wood benefit from regular washing with water and soap. Also, treat your teak outdoor furniture with Teak Shield a couple of times a year to protect them from dirt and weather.

Cushions & textiles generally shouldn’t be left outdoors except in beautiful weather, but cushions from Artwood are sewn in outdoor fabrics that can withstand some weather changes. However, they’ll stay fresh and nice much longer if you bring them indoors during bad weather. A cushion box placed conveniently near the sunbeds is usually a practical solution. Before using them, impregnate the textiles and regularly thereafter. For cleaning and caring for textiles that have become dirty, we recommend the water-based cleaning agent Textile Clean & Protect.

Protective covers are also a smart investment. We recommend dressing your sunbeds, sunchairs, and other outdoor furniture with Artwood’s protective covers when the furniture isn’t in use, to protect them from rain and dirt

Remember that the covers should only be used during the outdoor season. During the winter, you should instead store the outdoor furniture in a dry and well-protected place, which will extend their lifespan by many years. Even outdoor furniture made of synthetic rattan benefits from being stored protected during the winter.

Would you like to test-sit and take a closer look at Artwood’s exclusive sunbeds, sunchairs, and other outdoor furniture? You can find the collection at our 150 resellers. You’re warmly welcome!