Most of products are handmade. Materials such as stone wicker and wood have organic variations in colour, shape and can differ. Tropical wood such as teak and mahogany are harvested from certified plantations.

Some items, such as our concrete products, can be used both in- and outdoors. Furniture is affected by the environment they are in, including temperature and humidity. Therefore, screws and fittings should be adjusted regularly.

Most textiles and leather pales in the sun. The whole surface should be exposed to the same amount of light to reduce the risk of the colour fading unevenly. Impregnate your textiles to protect them from stains and the sun. Dry cleaning is recommended for covers and other textile if not stated otherwise.

Wood is affected by the sun and can, depending on treatment, fade or darken in colour. Small cracks can occur and it is important to pay attention to care advice for each item. Remember to never use strong cleaning detergents, for example containing citric acid, on your furniture. These products can harm the surface layer on the furniture. Often it is enough to use a mild soap when cleaning.

Outdoor furniture exposed to rain, wind, snow and salt should be given extra attention to ensure that they keep their colour and function. Outdoor furniture should be protected from snow and cold weather and never be left exposed during winter. For specific care advise, see each product.

If you have any trouble or questions, please turn to your retailer for professional advice.

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