Wicker seats

The wicker armchair is here to stay, compact and easy to place. Wicker provides the room with a warm, natural feel, and you can choose from charming rattan chairs to classic armchairs with a slightly more streamlined colonial style.

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Wicker armchairs and rattan chairs are beloved interior design classics known for their solid craftsmanship and a natural, harmonious color palette. Timeless charm!

They work just as well in a child’s room as in the living room or on the porch. And because wicker is a lightweight material, wicker armchairs are easy to move if you need an extra seat. We also have many beautiful dining chairs and armchairs in wicker if you prefer a more compact model.

Wicker & All weather wicker

Wicker is a renewable natural material made from thick grasses and palm species. We work with various types of high-quality wicker, such as kubu, slimit, abaca, croco, lacak, and malaka. The color and surface of the wicker can vary slightly depending on the season in which it is harvested. It’s precisely this living expression that adds to the charm of wicker! All our wicker armchairs and rattan chairs are also handmade by skilled craftsmen, making each piece unique.

We also offer furniture in synthetic wicker, also known as all-weather wicker. Synthetic wicker is made from polyethylene on a metal frame. It’s a great option for those who want more durable wicker furniture.

 Can wicker armchairs be placed outdoors?

Yes and no. Armchairs made of natural wicker are best kept indoors. Of course, you can carry your wicker furniture into the garden on beautiful days, but if you want wicker armchairs or rattan chairs that can withstand being outdoors for an extended period, we recommend synthetic wicker. It is virtually maintenance-free. Here you can see our armchairs in synthetic wicker.

How to care for your wicker armchair – 3 tips

  • Natural wicker is usually untreated or coated with a water-based lacquer. This makes the material sensitive to excessive moisture. Wicker furniture made of natural wicker is best kept indoors, in the conservatory, or on the enclosed balcony.
  • Over time, wicker can become a bit dry and brittle. This also makes it more sensitive to pressure. Gently moisten the surface of your wicker armchair with, for example, a plant spray with water from time to time to keep the furniture in good condition.
  • When cleaning wicker armchairs, we recommend using a soft brush or a lightly damp cloth. Never use a high-pressure washer. Synthetic wicker can be cleaned and reconditioned with the product “Plastic rattan conditioner.”

Match your wicker armchair with…

Our exclusive wicker armchairs come with off-white cushions as standard, but you can also choose to have the cushions made in any fabric from our fabric collection. A soft cushion and a cozy throw blanket enhance the comfort, and a beautiful rug ties the whole look together.

Wicker armchairs make great standalone pieces, but you can also group them together as a seating area. Feel free to combine them with a suitable coffee table or side table. It can also be lovely to incorporate the wicker material in more room details. Take a look at our beautiful lanterns and baskets, for example.

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