Modular sofas

Modular sofas in exclusive design and high quality – the perfect choice when you want to create a sofa completely customized to your home and your preferences.

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Does your living room have an unusual shape? Or do you want the flexibility to rearrange your sofa as needed? A modular sofa is an excellent choice when you want to build a seating solution completely tailored to your preferences and requirements. Here, you can find modular sofas in exclusive design and high quality. The modules are easy to assemble to create the perfect sofa for you and your home.


Modular Sofa – A versatile furniture

The modular sofa is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture that works well in both small and large rooms because you can customize the dimensions. With a modular sofa, you can easily create your dream sofa or sofa group. Choose from various seating sections, chaise lounges, corner modules, and ottomans to design your own sofa in high-quality materials.

Customize your dream sofa – Again and again

Since the modules can be combined in various ways, you can easily rearrange and refresh your entire living room. Think outside the box, with the modular sofa, you have the opportunity to create a completely unique seating group! For coffee and conversations, having modules facing each other is delightful. When it’s time for a movie night, you can assemble the modules into a large, comfortable sofa where everyone can stretch out.

Tip! It’s better to choose several small coffee tables rather than one large one, as it provides even more possibilities. Another tip is to combine seat modules with ottomans. If they are placed close together, you have a comfortable chaise lounge; if you position the ottoman separately, you’ve created an extra seating spot.

Choose your upholstery

You also get to choose the upholstery for your modular sofa from our exclusive collection of upholstery fabrics. Our retailers have fabric samples if you want to see and feel the different fabrics. Perhaps you want different upholstery for different modules to make your sofa even more personalized?

Martindale is a measure of fabric durability. Our upholstery fabrics have a Martindale value of at least 20,000, well above the recommended 15,000 for home environments.

The lightfastness of textiles is measured on a scale from 1 to 8, where 1 = sensitive and 8 = not sensitive. All fabrics will eventually fade in strong sunlight, but most of our upholstery fabrics are rated between 5 and 6 on the lightfastness scale, making them well-suited for indoor environments.

Care instructions for your modular sofa

  • Rotate the cushions and pillows from time to time to help them maintain their shape. Especially, cushions and pillows filled with down need to be shaken and fluffed regularly to evenly distribute the feathers and down.
  • Vacuum your modular sofa regularly. Dust and lint from other textiles, as well as pet fur, can otherwise cause pilling on the sofa.
  • It’s a good idea to apply textile protection to your fabric-upholstered modular sofa. This helps it resist dirt and stay beautiful for a longer time.

For stains, we recommend using Textile clean & protect to clean your modular sofa. Use the water-based cleaning foam to clean the upholstery and the protector to provide ongoing protection. We typically recommend dry cleaning the covers of our sofas (unless otherwise specified on the product).

The finishing touch with accessories

A cozy throw blanket is a clever way to make your modular sofa even more inviting. Opt for comfortable natural materials like cotton or linen for the summer and warm wool or faux fur for the colder seasons. Pillows are also a great way to make the sofa both more comfortable and more personal. Match or mix them to your own liking and taste.

Would you like to test-sit one of our exclusive modular sofas? Or feel the fabrics in our range? Welcome to your nearest retailer. You can find Artwood’s resellers here.