Lanterns & candle holders

Few things create such a warm, cozy atmosphere as live candles. Here you’ll find exclusive candle lanterns and candlesticks in various sizes – for both indoors and outdoors.

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Candles bring warmth and create ambiance, no matter the time of year. They add the finishing touch to your table setting for a celebration but can also brighten up your breakfast table on a dark Monday in November.

In Artwoods collection, you’ll find candle lanterns and candle holders made of materials such as glass, steel, and aluminum, but also more intriguing materials like leather, bamboo, and rattan. Less fire-resistant materials are often complemented with glass – it serves as protection while also creating a beautiful glow as the candle’s flame is reflected in the glass.


Candle holders

Lit candles in candle holders create a fantastic atmosphere in the room, whether it’s for everyday use or a special occasion. Feel free to place a couple of tall candle holders with beautiful taper candles on the dining table. Lit candles on the windowsill spread delightful ambiance both inside and outside. And candles in front of a mirror create a double effect as the flames reflect in the glass. A fun way to vary your candle holders is also to use colored candles or candles with slightly different shapes.


In our lanterns, you can use tea lights or pillar candles. They have a long burning time and are also a slightly safer option than tall taper candles in candle holders because the flame is more protected. However, always remember to keep an eye on lit candles! If you prefer an even safer option for your lanterns and candle holders, we recommend battery-powered LED lights. In a slightly larger lantern, you can also place a battery-operated string of lights – a cozy and safe way to create atmospheric lighting.

Floor lanterns

Larger lanterns and tall candle holders can also be placed on the floor with great effect. The flickering light illuminates dark corners and empty wall spaces in a soft and beautiful way.

Outdoor candlelight

Your balcony, patio, and entrance area become cozier with live candles. If you want to enjoy lit candles outdoors, we recommend a candle lantern or candle holder where the flame is protected from rain and wind. If you want to leave the candle unattended, the flame should be well-shielded, preferably in a lantern that can be closed. Once again, we’d like to emphasize the use of battery-powered lights. They are safe and often come with timers, making them perfect for outdoor candle lanterns!

Lanterns & candle holders in various styles

In Artwoods’ collection, you’ll find candle holders in different sizes and styles. Feel free to mix shorter candle lanterns with taller candle holders, and don’t hesitate to blend various materials; it often adds a delightful dynamic. Instead of lining up your candle holders, consider grouping them, preferably in an odd number, to create a beautiful and personal centerpiece.

Another tip is to play with shapes. For instance, a group of round candle lanterns can sit on a square tray or next to a stack of magazines or books, providing a contrasting element to the rounded forms.


More Ways to decorate with candles:

  • Have you ever thought about using lanterns as versatile bowls? Depending on their size, you can use them for snacks, flakes of salt, or even breadsticks on the buffet table.
  • You can also let lanterns play the role of pots and vases, such as for Christmas hyacinths or spring pearl hyacinths and mini daffodils.
  • Feel free to decorate lanterns and candle holders according to the season. When they are grouped together, some can hold live candles while others are adorned with suitable seasonal details, like rose hips in autumn and wildflowers in summer. Red silk ribbons and small sprigs of evergreen are perfect for adding a touch of Christmas spirit to your candle holders. Just be cautious to keep anything flammable away from the candle flames.
  • If you want to take the ambiance to the next level, you can use scented candles in your lanterns. Choose a scent that suits the occasion and your mood.

Create ambiance at home – more tips

Live candles are a surefire way to create a cozy atmosphere, but there are more ways to establish a welcoming ambiance at home. When it comes to lighting, it’s good to complement overhead lights and live candles with additional light sources like table lamps and floor lamps. These can have a warmer and softer glow to set the right mood.

Textiles such as pillows, throws, curtains, and fabric napkins add a softer and cozier feel to the interior, and a large, luxurious rug can elevate the entire room! Details like books, photographs, and small keepsakes bring a more personal touch to your home. Art is also a wonderful way to add a more personal touch to your space. Feel free to browse our paintings!


Stearin, paraffin or wax candles?

By the way, there’s a multitude of candle options to choose from. Have you thought about the differences and which type of candle is best for you and for our climate?

Candles made of stearin are a good choice for the climate, because the candle is made from renewable raw materials. Paraffin, on the other hand, is a worse choice for the environment, because paraffin is made from crude oil. Please look for the Svanen brand. If you choose a Nordic Swan-labelled candle, it contains at least 90% stearin and no palm oil or PFAD (which is a travel product from palm oil).

Swan-labelled candles also do not contain substances that are endocrine disruptors, and they are manufactured based on strict requirements on how much harmful soot particles the candle is allowed to emit when it is burned. Stearin emits significantly less soot than paraffin.

You can buy Nordic Swan-labelled tealights, block candles and crown candles in well-stocked grocery stores but also in many stores that sell interior design and household products.

An alternative to stearin and paraffin are candles made from wax, for example beeswax or rapeseed wax. They are often a bit more expensive, but a good choice for the environment, especially if you choose wax candles that are made in Sweden. Wax candles are also good for the room environment and are usually appreciated by allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Just make sure that the wax is not mixed with paraffin.


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Artwoods’ collection of exclusive candle lanterns, candle holders, and other decorations for your home and outdoor space can be found in select stores across Sweden and Europe. Feel free to visit your nearest reseller for a closer look!

ATTENTION! Never leave candles unattended. Blow out the candles when you leave the room.