Fabric sofas

A comfortable fabric sofa is soft and inviting, a natural gathering point in the home. Our exclusive fabric sofas are available in many different colors and models, from timeless classics to trendy sofas with a more modern design language – all made from high-quality materials.

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The sofa is a place for rest and relaxation, but also for socializing and perhaps even breakfast, Friday nights, homework, and work. Choose your sofa carefully – you’re going to spend many years together, so make sure you both enjoy it!

How big is the perfect sofa?

Consider how many seats you need when choosing the size of your fabric sofa. If you like lying down on the sofa, it needs to be wide enough for that, or have a chaise lounge to put your legs up on. The depth of the sofa is also an important measurement. If you prefer to sit quite upright, choose a sofa that is not too deep. Also, measure the floor space where the sofa will be placed. We offer 2- and 2.5-seater sofas that do not take up much space, but also more generous 3- and 4-seater sofas. You can also put together your own dream sofa from flexible sofa modules.

Things to consider when placing your sofa

  • Where do you want to rest your gaze? Should the sofa be facing the room’s TV, or perhaps a fireplace or a window with a beautiful view?
  • How do you want to use the sofa? A TV sofa needs to be positioned correctly in relation to the TV, but maybe you will mostly use the sofa for socializing? A sofa and a couple of armchairs or another sofa opposite each other invite conversation.
  • Leave space between the sofa and the wall. If you place the sofa right against the wall, it can make the room feel smaller. Pull the sofa forward 10-20 cm for a more airy, open impression. It can also be impactful to place the sofa in the middle of the room!

Rug under the sofa?

Yes, a large rug under the sofa provides a more harmonious impression, and besides, a rug is comfortable to walk on. If you’re unsure about the size of the rug you need, you can try taping different measurements on the floor at home. A good rule of thumb is that all legs of the sofa should be able to stand on the rug, and the rug should extend approximately 40 cm on each side of the sofa. If the sofa group is in the middle of the room, it looks best if the entire furniture fits on the rug. However, if the sofa is against a wall, it may be enough for the front legs to be on the rug.

Matching with coffee tables & side tables

It’s convenient to have a surface nearby the sofa. Coffee tables and side tables also make the room feel more welcoming. It can be stylish to choose coffee tables and sofas in similar materials (look at the legs of the sofa, for example), but it’s absolutely not a must. A clash of styles or bolder contrasts in material and color choices can, on the contrary, make the interior more lively and exciting. If you opt for several smaller coffee tables instead of one large one, the furniture arrangement becomes more flexible and the overall impression becomes airier.

More seating with armchairs & ottomans

Similarly, you can consider armchairs. If you’re hesitant between buying two sofas or one sofa and a pair of armchairs, you can once again think about functionality. Another sofa might offer more seating (and also space to lie down). Armchairs, on the other hand, are sleeker and easier to move around.
Ottomans are another way to make the sofa group more versatile. They can serve as comfortable footrests but also as extra seating.

Textiles make the fabric sofa even cozier

A cozy throw blanket makes your sofa corner even more delightful. Opt for comfortable, slightly cooler materials like cotton or linen for the summer and warm wool or faux fur during the colder seasons. Pillows are also a simple way to make the sofa both more comfortable and more personal. Match or mix according to your own preferences.

Care instructions for fabric sofas

1. Fluff & air out
Seat cushions and back pillows are filled with foam, polyether, or certified down and feathers. Turn them occasionally to maintain their shape better. This is especially true for pillows with down filling, as they need to be shaken and fluffed regularly to evenly distribute the down and feathers.

2. Vacuum
To keep the sofa and fabric fresh, you should also vacuum your fabric sofa regularly with a soft upholstery attachment. Dust, pet hair, and other dirt can otherwise cause pilling on the sofa’s upholstery. Also, vacuum under the cushions

3. Wash & care
Fabric sofas should preferably be waterproofed 1-2 times a year to better resist dirt. For stains, we recommend using Textile clean & protect. First, use the water-based cleaning foam and then the waterproofing to provide continued protection to the fabric. If the cover is removable, we recommend dry cleaning for the covers of our fabric sofas (unless otherwise stated on the product).

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