Leather seats

There is a leather armchair for every home, and here you’ll find a wide selection of different styles. Comfortable, stylish armchairs in high-quality leather that develop a beautiful patina over the years.

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A leather armchair is a comfortable, stylish piece of furniture that exudes elegance and quality and truly ages with grace. The more patina, the more charm and personality it gains! Here, you can learn more about Artwood’s leather armchairs and how to best take care of this beautiful, living material.

At Artwood, you can find leather armchairs in various models, colors, and leather types. Retro armchairs and classics like the Chesterfield, but also inviting wingback armchairs, lounge armchairs, and armchairs in more contemporary designs – all in beautiful leather. There’s a leather armchair to suit every taste!

What’s great about armchairs is that they are easy to place in any interior. They work equally well in bedrooms, children’s rooms, hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms. An armchair is also easy to move around when you need an extra seat.

Leather – a living material

Our leather armchairs are made of the highest-quality leather. We use full-grain leather from Italy and South America. The armchairs have a sturdy frame made of metal or wood, springing with coil or zigzag springs, and soft filling consisting of foam, polyether, or certified down and feathers.

The leather itself is treated using various techniques to achieve the right appearance and texture for different styles and interiors.

Espresso and Anthracite are soft semi-aniline leathers of high quality from Italy. They are lightly sanded to achieve a matte, softer surface.

Pure Dye and Natural Washed are leathers completely without surface color, known as full aniline. They are very soft and supple and have a natural appearance with color variations that give the surface a beautiful depth. Beautiful and very pleasant against the skin, but also somewhat more susceptible to stains.

Imagine a soft, beautiful vintage armchair with perfect patina in a classic smoking room. That’s the feeling you get when you choose a leather armchair in Vintage Cigar. This leather has been processed to have a beautiful patina right from the start. Treat this leather a maximum of 2 times a year to maintain the vintage feel.

If you want an armchair in really soft leather, then you choose Nubuck. It has been sanded to a matte, smooth surface that feels absolutely wonderful against the skin. Just keep in mind that Nubuck is sensitive to dirt. Treat the leather with Leather Natural Protection before you sink into your Nubuck armchair with a book and a cup of tea.

How to care for your leather armchair – 5 tips

A leather armchair ages with grace. If you take care of your leather armchair correctly, it will remain beautiful and comfortable for many years to come.

  • Leather furniture tends to do best away from direct sunlight and sources of heat and other elements, as they can be sensitive to these factors.
  • Rotate cushions and pillows occasionally. On some of our leather armchairs, you can also remove the inner cushion and flip it.
  • A leather armchair with a filling of down and feathers benefits from having the cushions fluffed and gently shaken regularly to distribute the down and feathers evenly.
  • The leather itself also needs care. Vacuum the armchair with a soft brush. You can try to gently “rub out” small scratches and scuffs in the leather with a clean finger.
  • Stains should ideally be wiped away immediately, before they are absorbed by the leather. Use a soft cloth with lukewarm water (note that water should not be used on Nubuck). You can also use a leather-specific cleaning product.

We recommend using Leather clean & protect. The package contains products for regular maintenance and care of leather (not suede, nubuck, or bycast). Avoid strong cleaning agents; they often do more harm than good.

Armchairs in good company

As you can see, we have leather armchairs for every room and style. Some of them have a strong design language that can take the spotlight in a room. They work excellently as standalone pieces. Other armchairs can be lovely to place in a group, and perhaps also combine with other furniture and interior details for a beautiful focal point in the room. Feel free to match the leather armchair with an elegant side table and a comfortable footstool. A beautiful floor lamp or pedestal can add height and textiles like cushions and a cozy throw soften the look. A larger rug ties the ensemble together into a harmonious enviroment.

If you want to try out and take a closer look at any of our leather armchairs, please visit one of our 150 retailers. You can find all of Artwood’s resellers here.