Wicker sofas

Wicker sofas are just as suitable in modern homes as in more classic interiors. Here you will find 2-seater and 3-seater sofas in natural wicker – beautiful, handwoven furniture with delightful charm.

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A wicker sofa creates a warm, inviting impression and is easy to match with other materials and interior details. It’s just as suitable in a conservatory as it is in the living room! Wicker is a popular material that feels both timeless and trendy at the same time. Perhaps it’s the natural, harmonious color palette and the solid craftsmanship that makes wicker furniture never go out of style? Wicker sofas come in various styles and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they add a relaxed, cozy atmosphere to the room.

Match the rattan sofa with…

It can be lovely to combine the wicker sofa with wicker armchairs or more delicate wicker armchairs, but wicker is also easy to match with other materials, so there are many options.

Particularly stylish is wicker together with other light, natural materials and shades, so that can be a good starting point when choosing armchairs, coffee tables, and side tables for your seating area. A beautiful rug ties the furniture together into a harmonious whole.

Soften with textiles

Since rattan is a quite hard material, it’s nice to have substantial cushions on a rattan sofa. Our exclusive rattan sofas come with off-white cushions as standard, but you can also choose to have the cushions in your choice of fabric from our fabric collection.

Also, add plenty of lovely cushions and soft throws. Mix different materials and textures, which creates life and dynamism in the decor. Changing cushion covers is also an easy way to alter the sofa’s appearance seasonally. While many may view the rattan sofa as a summer piece of furniture, it’s just as cozy in the winter with sheepskins and wool throws.

The natural material rattan

Rattan sofas can be made of natural rattan or synthetic rattan. The sofas on this page are made of natural rattan, a beautiful, renewable natural material produced from thick grass and palm species. We work with various types of high-quality rattan, such as kubu, slimit, abaca, croco, lacak, and malaka.

The color and surface of rattan may vary slightly depending on the season it is harvested, and that’s precisely what adds to the charm of rattan; the material has a lively, genuine appearance. All our rattan sofas are also handwoven by skilled craftsmen, making each piece unique.

We also have furniture made of synthetic rattan, which is produced from polyethylene on a metal frame. This is sometimes referred to as “all-weather wicker” and is a great option for those looking for more durable rattan furniture.

Outdoor rattan sofa – Does it work?

Well, rattan sofas made of natural rattan are definitely best suited for indoor use, or at the very least, in a conservatory or greenhouse where they are more protected. Furniture made of natural rattan doesn’t handle rain and snow well, but an enclosed balcony can also work effectively.

You can have a rattan sofa outdoors on beautiful summer days, but if you want it to stay in good condition for a long time, you should bring it inside during bad weather and protect it from damp surfaces. If you want your furniture to withstand all weather conditions, we recommend opting for a sofa made of synthetic rattan. You can find our outdoor sofas here.

Care instructions for your rattan sofa

A rattan sofa is durable and easy to maintain. The most important aspect to consider is maintaining the right level of moisture – not too much, but not too little either. Natural rattan can dry out over time, making it more brittle and sensitive to pressure. At the same time, natural rattan doesn’t tolerate excessive moisture well. Therefore, it’s advisable to occasionally moisten the surface of your rattan sofa gently, perhaps using a spray bottle with water.

For cleaning your rattan sofa, we recommend using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment and then wiping it down with a lightly damp cloth. Never use a high-pressure washer or strong cleaning agents as they can damage the rattan.

In case of spills on your rattan sofa, it’s a good idea to promptly rinse or wipe off the spill to prevent permanent stains.

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