Dining tables

Choose your dining table with your heart and keep in mind that friends and family should also have space around the table. Here you’ll find high-quality tables made from materials like solid oak and raw concrete. Further down the page, we provide tips on how to choose the right dining table for your dining area.

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The dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home. In fact, it’s almost more than just furniture, as the dining area often serves as the heart of the home. Whether you prefer a square or round table is a matter of personal taste, but consider the dimensions that work best for your dining space. Keep reading, and we’ll provide tips on what to consider when buying a new dining table.

How large dining table should you choose?

When choosing the size of a dining table, you need to consider the size of the room and how many people should fit around the table.


How big is the dining area?

Measure the floor area of the dining space and keep in mind that, in addition to the dimensions of the table, you’ll need at least 70-80 cm of free space towards the wall or other furniture to prevent it from feeling cramped.


How many peope should be able to sit at the table?

Ideally, each person should have a tabletop that is at least 60 cm wide when sitting at the table. So, for a square table for 4 people, it should be at least 120 cm long. If you prefer a round dining table, you should aim for a diameter of at least 100 cm for 4 people.


Should the dining table fulfill more functions?

A kitchen table is often slightly smaller in size, while a dining room table should ideally accommodate extra dinner guests. Dining tables can also be used for baking, crafting, homework, and much more. Consider how large your dining table needs to be based on your specific needs. Drop-leaf tables and tables with extension leaves are great options for those who want a flexible table.


Square or round?

Many people choose a square dining table. It’s classic and practical, and the square table looks good whether it’s against a wall or in the middle of the room. And nothing is as stately as a beautifully set long table, isn’t it?

Round dining tables are charming in the way that no one sits at one end, and everyone at the table can easily make eye contact. It invites conversation during the meal. Round tables also tend to give a more airy feel to the room, and in a tight space, a round table is handy because you can walk around it without hitting any corners.


Which style of dining table suits you?

Once you’ve decided on the size and shape, the real fun begins – finding a dining table that fits your home and style. Choose a table that matches the rest of the room or break with something completely different for a fun contrast. Our range includes stylish, modern tables in concrete but also more rustic dining tables in solid wood such as oak or elm. Many of our dining tables have really exciting designs that can be difficult to find elsewhere.


Should the chairs match?

Not necessarily! Many people choose chairs in the same style as the table, but it can also be really effective to break away with a different style, or perhaps furnish with mismatched chairs around the dining table. We have comfortable dining chairs in many styles and materials to choose from.


More ways to style the dining area

Feel free to tie the table and chairs together into a harmonious ensemble by placing a large rug under the dining group. Mabye you also want to supplement with matching cabinets or shelves, or a suitable sideboard? The lighting is also important, the right fixtures are both stylish and functional. Remember that a lamp above the dining table should be hung so that it does not dazzle those sitting at the table. For cozy breakfasts or dinners, a few candlesticks or lanterns on the table are often enough. They can also become a nice eye-catcher on the table when the dining area is not in use. Also feel free to take a look at our range of placemats, napkin rings and other details that give the dining area that little something extra.


Care advice for dining tables

Dining tables and especially kitchen tables are often exposed to a lot of wear and tear, but if you take care of the table in the right way, it will look good for many years.


Wooden dining table

Wipe the table with a slightly damp cloth if necessary. Detergent dries out the wood, rather use soap that has a regreasing effect. Since many of our wooden dining tables have a rather irregular surface, it can also be good to vacuum the table top with a soft brush from time to time. You care for a wood veneer dining table in the same way, but keep in mind that wood veneer is a little more sensitive than solid wood. Get into the habit of waxing your wooden dining table with Spray Wax regularly, it prevents liquid and dirt from penetrating the wooden surface.


Concrete dining table

Wipe the concrete dining table with a slightly moistened cloth, possibly with a little ordinary green or yellow soap. Never use abrasives or cleaning products that contain acid, bleach or ammonia, they easily damage the concrete surface. Our concrete dining tables are waxed so they have good basic protection against stains, but for continued good protection you should wax the concrete table once in the first two months after purchase and then continuously every three to six months. Spray Wax provides good protection and is easy to use.

If you’d like to explore our range of dining tables further, feel free to visit one of our many retailers located throughout the country.