Outdoor furniture

Decorate your patio, balcony, and garden with outdoor furniture in timeless design and trendy, durable materials such as synthetic rattan, teak, and concrete.

We have a wide range of elegant furniture for patios and gardens: dining tables, chairs, lounge sets, sofas, sun loungers, daybeds, and much more. Here you will find something for both those seeking a timeless garden piece and those looking for outdoor furniture in a more modern style. Of course, always of high quality and in durable materials that can withstand our Swedish weather. Keep reading for tips on how to think when decorating a room under the open sky.

Choose the right outdoor furniture for your patio

To ensure that your patio becomes just as lovely as you envision, it’s good to consider how you want to use it and what conditions your patio has from the start.

Size of the patio

Adapt your outdoor furniture to the size of your patio. For a smaller balcony, it’s good to choose furniture that can serve multiple purposes. If you have a larger patio, on the other hand, you can furnish it with different groups, such as a dining area, a sunny corner, and a cozy lounge set.

Compass direction, etc.

If your outdoor furniture will be under cover, such as on a balcony or veranda, they will be partially protected from rain and harsh weather. However, if the furniture will be exposed to the elements, it’s wise to choose more durable materials. If you’re decorating a sun-drenched patio, it’s a good idea to plan for shade. A sun sail or parasol can provide refreshing shade on hot days.

What functions do you want?

Consider how you want to utilize your patio. You might want to create a secluded and snug little oasis where you can drink your morning coffee or take an afternoon nap? In that case a smaller group of furniture and perhaps a comfortable sun lounger would fit your needs. If you want room for multiple dinner guests you’ll need a larger dinner table and plenty of seating. A comfortable lounge sofa is suitable both for a quiet moment with a vacation book and for a cocktail evening with friends.

Which materials suits you?

Outdoor furniture made of synthetic rattan has a classic look but modern functionality and requires minimal maintenance. Synthetic rattan is also lightweight, making it perfect when you want furniture that can be easily moved as needed.

Teak outdoor furniture is elegant and sturdy. Timeless classics that acquire a beautiful patina over the years.

Concrete outdoor furniture gives the patio a modern yet rustic feel and adds a unique edge. When treated properly, the surface is very durable, and because the material is heavy, the concrete furniture stands steady even in spring winds and autumn storms.

The patio’s floor, walls & ceiling

When decorating your patio, you can think in the same way as when decorating indoors: floor, walls, and ceiling.

The patio’s floor might be a wooden deck, a paved area, or a balcony floor. A wooden deck over concrete or a large, weather-resistant rug under the outdoor dining area can make a big difference to the overall impression.

The patio’s walls could be a house facade, a fence, a trellis, or a hedge. You can also create a sense of room with pedestals & side tables, and beautiful plants in large pots. Framing the patio instantly makes it feel cozier.

The ceiling might be the most challenging to arrange, but sun sails and parasols provide both shade and a pleasant sense of space. Perhaps a tree canopy or a larger bush can stretch over the patio? In fact, just a few string lights can create the feeling of a ceiling. Then you can still enjoy life under the open sky!

The details make the patio!

One swallow does not make a summer – and one sun lounger does not make a patio. To make the patio truly delightful, a little love and care are needed.

  • Textiles such as cushions, pillows, and blankets instantly elevate the cozy feeling. Feel free to mix different sizes, materials, and patterns.
  • Plants are also a great way to create a cozier atmosphere. You can have plants in pots on the ground or tables, but also hanging in balcony boxes and plant hangers. It’s a good idea to place the plants in small groups.
  • Lighting extends the outdoor season a bit, and string lights and lanterns are also great for enhancing the cozy factor. The same basic rule applies here as for the plants: grouping them together for a more harmonious impression.

Taking care of your outdoor furniture

Different materials are sensitive to weather conditions in different ways. They also require varying degrees of maintenance.

Synthetic rattan is a very low-maintenance and durable material, almost entirely maintenance-free. Wash the furniture with water and a soft brush occasionally to keep it looking nice. You can also use Plastic Rattan Conditioner, which both cleans and re-fattens the material.

Wood, such as teak, requires a bit more care. Outdoor furniture made of wood benefits from regular washing with water and soap. Treat your teak furniture with Teak Shield a couple of times a year to protect it against stains and weather conditions

Concrete is a strong and durable material if treated properly. Clean the concrete furniture with water and a mild cleaning agent such as soap. Also, wax the surface a couple of times per season to better resist moisture and stains. Our product Spray Wax serves as both cleaning and protection in one.

Textiles are generally not very weather-resistant, but cushions from Artwood are made from outdoor fabrics that can withstand some weather changes. However, they stay fresh and nice much longer if you bring them inside during bad weather. Having a cushion box easily accessible near the patio is a convenient solution. For cleaning and care of textiles that have become dirty, we recommend the water-based cleaning agent Textile Cleaner.

Regardless of the type of outdoor furniture you choose, it’s important to wipe down the furniture occasionally to keep it clean. It’s also beneficial if you can store the outdoor furniture in a dry place during the winter, as this prolongs its lifespan by many years.

Are there outdoor furniture that can stay outside all year round?

Yes, there are outdoor furniture that withstand weather conditions better than others and can stay outside throughout the year. Synthetic rattan furniture is an example. However, even the most durable furniture benefits from being stored in a dry place when not in season.
The Swedish summer is also changeable. Therefore, it’s wise to choose outdoor furniture made of durable materials even if you bring them indoors during winter. Synthetic rattan, teak, and concrete are all materials that withstand Swedish weather well. Investing in furniture covers to protect the furniture when not in use is also a smart choice.

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