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Arlington in Grey Lacak is a stylish hand-woven 3-seated wicker sofa. The sofa provides a high level of comfort with it’s comfortable seat and back. With it’s high sides, the sofa gives an enveloping and cozy feeling.

Rattan is a natural material and is produced from thick grass and palm species. Since the material is completely natural and all furniture is made by hand, each piece of furniture is unique. Differences in color and appearance may occur depending on the season when the rattan is harvested and the furniture is manufactured.

Our rattan products are made from different types of rattan, all of which come from plantations in Indonesia. The rattan is usually kubu, slimit, abaca, croco, lacak and malaka. The surface is sometimes treated with water-based varnish.

As standard, we offer 100% cotton cushions in off-white, for our rattan furniture. The core of the cushions consists of polyether and are wrapped with finely cut polyether and synthetic fibers.

The frame consists of solid wood and bamboo with elastic webbing, as well as the fabric base.

Arlington is available as a wicker sofa and wicker armchair.


Width: 220 cm  Depth: 85 cm

Height: 72 cm   Seat height: 45 cm

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ARLINGTON Cushion offwhite

Price: 2 565 krPublic price: 5 643 kr


Price: 7 795 krPublic price: 17 149 kr

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Dyna valfritt tyg

ARLINGTON Cushion optional fabric

Price: 3 670 krPublic price: 8 074 kr
Price: 4 025 krPublic price: 8 855 kr
Price: 4 270 krPublic price: 9 394 kr
Price: 4 645 krPublic price: 10 219 kr
Price: 5 120 krPublic price: 11 264 kr
Price: 6 010 krPublic price: 13 222 kr
Price: 6 125 krPublic price: 13 475 kr
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Price: 7 850 krPublic price: 17 270 kr
Price: 8 340 krPublic price: 18 348 kr
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