All our leather furniture is made of leather of the highest quality, so called full grain from Italy and South America. The products are treated in different ways to get the desired look. The furniture is made with metal or wooden frames. The spring system usually consists of elastic bands or so called nozag springs. Seats and backs are made with filling of foam, polyether or certified down and feather. Recommended for indoor use.


Turn cushions and cushions regularly. On some models you can pick out the inner cushion and turn it over.

Seats and cushions filled with down require a little more maintenance than synthetic cushions, but if you take care of them, they will look good and be comfortable for many years. To maintain the shape and appearance of this furniture, it is necessary to regularly puff up and shake the cushions lightly to distribute the down and the feathers in the cushion.

In order for the leather to retain color and function, it is important to take care of it. Vacuum the furniture with a soft brush. Stains should be wiped off immediately before being pulled into the leather. Never use strong detergents, but use a soft cloth with lukewarm water or a leather cleaner. On small scratches and abrasions, you can try to rub with a clean finger.

Never expose the leather to strong sunlight and do not place the furniture near a heat source.

Maintenance care

We recommend the use of Leather clean & protect. This kit contains products for the regular care and treatment of aniline and pigmented leather (not suede/nubuck). Soft Cleaner for Leather is a gentle but effective cleaning liquid.

Pure dye & natural washed

The leather types “Pure Dye” and “Natural Washed” are leather completely without topcoat, so-called full aniline, which makes them very soft and flexible. This also makes the leather more sensitive to stains. The look is deep and natural and there may be color changes. The animal’s own structure, insect bites and scars are left visible.

Vintage cigar

The leather color ”vintage cigar” is a specially treated leather to bring out the worn and old look. This leather should be treated no more than 2 times / year.


Nubuck is a sanded and matt leather, which has a very soft and smooth surface. As the shiny, protective surface of the leather has been sanded off, the leather is very sensitive to dirt and stains and therefore it is important that the furniture is treated with Leather Natural Protection before it is used.

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