Recycled elm wood from Central Asia. Alm is a very strong furniture wood that ages
beautifully. Characteristic of our products is an unprocessed appearance and an unpolished surface with irregularities in the wood. The products are treated several times with wax during manufacture. There may be small cracks, nail holes, color differences and irregularities in the wood. It is part of the collection’s character and makes each individual piece of furniture unique. Small cracks can occur. Recommended for indoor use.


Wipe gently with a slightly damp cloth. Vacuum cleaner with soft furniture nozzle is suitable for the natural cracks. Treat with natural wood wax or with pigmented wax if you want a darker shade on the furniture. Spray wax is also good to use. If left untreated, the furniture becomes more fragile and stains can become permanent, even if they are wiped off immediately.

Maintenance care

We recommend the use of Spray Wax. Spray Wax prevents liquid and dirt from penetrating the surface. The product works excellently on wood, stone and other absorbent materials that need to be protected.

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