Outdoor sofas

With a comfortable outdoor sofa, you can create a lovely patio where you can relax and socialize with friends and family. Here you can see Artwood’s exclusive outdoor sofas for patio and garden.

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Decorate your patio, balcony, or garden with a stylish outdoor sofa in teak or synthetic rattan with comfortable cushions. We almost dare to promise that the outdoor sofa will quickly become a favorite, both for everyday use and for parties!

During the warmer seasons, we want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. With a stylish and comfortable outdoor sofa, you transform your patio into an extra living room during the summer months. Perfect for entertaining guests, but also for settling down with a good book or perhaps stretching out for a little nap.

Which outdoor sofa suits your patio?

Our outdoor sofas are available in various materials and models so that you can find a comfortable sofa that fits perfectly for your patio. Here are 3 questions you can ask yourself when choosing an outdoor sofa:

1. How big of a sofa do you want? Consider the size of your patio, but also how many seating spots you need and if you want to be able to comfortably lie down on the sofa.

2. What style suits your patio? Consider the style of your house, but also other furniture that may already exist in your garden or on your patio.

3. Which material suits you? The choice of material partly depends on the style you want for your outdoor sofa, but it’s also crucial for determining how much maintenance the furniture requires. For example, synthetic rattan has a classic appearance but modern functionality as it requires minimal maintenance. Teak is an elegant, exclusive material that requires a bit more maintenance, but on the other hand, it develops beautiful patina over the years.

From sofa to seating group

Feel free to combine your comfortable outdoor sofa with a coffee table or side table to place your morning coffee or evening drink on. If you have space, you can also match the sofa with one or a couple of comfortable armchairs or lounge chairs. Perhaps you’d like to invest in an outdoor ottoman as well? It can serve as a comfortable footrest and extra seating.

Psst… Slightly lower sofas, tables, and armchairs give the patio a luxurious, comfortably relaxed lounge feel. However, if you’re looking for outdoor furniture for a dining area, we recommend slightly taller pieces that are more comfortable for dining. Here you’ll find easy-to-maintain dining tables, chairs, and higher sofas suitable for outdoor dining areas.

3 tips for a cozy outdoor space

  • Frame the patio for a cozier atmosphere. Consider the floor, walls, and ceiling, and use items like umbrellas, pedestals, and narrow console tables to create a sense of space. (The tables are also practical as serving tables when you have guests.) Plants in beautiful pots can also frame nicely. If you plant perennials or small shrubs or trees in the pots, they will come back every spring.
  • Illuminate the patio. String lights and lanterns are generally a great way to create the right ambiance as dusk falls, so be generous with light points on the patio. It can also be beautiful to illuminate the facade or something further away in the garden, like a beautiful focal point.
  • Create a cozy feeling with textiles. Soft pillows instantly enhance the cozy feeling, and warm blankets in the outdoor sofa are nice on cooler days. Feel free to combine different patterns and materials for a natural look. Just remember to bring in the textiles when you’re not using them, as they can easily be damaged by rain or strong sunlight that fades fabrics. Also, consider placing a durable outdoor rug under the seating area.

How to take care of your outdoor sofa

Artwood’s outdoor sofas are made of durable materials such as teak and synthetic rattan. If you take care of them properly, they will stay beautiful year after year.

Synthetic rattan is a very low-maintenance and durable material that is almost entirely maintenance-free. Wash the sofa with water and a soft brush occasionally to keep it looking nice. You can also use Plastic Rattan Conditioner, which both cleans and reconditions the material.

Wood, such as teak, requires a little more care. Outdoor sofas made of wood benefit from regular washing with water and soap. Also, treat your teak sofa with Teak Shield a couple of times a year to help it resist stains and weather better.

Cushions are generally not very weather-resistant, but the cushions for Artwood’s outdoor sofas are sewn in outdoor fabrics that can withstand some weather changes. However, they will stay fresh and nice much longer if you bring them indoors during bad weather. A cushion box easily accessible on the patio is a convenient solution. If the cushions get dirty, we recommend cleaning them with Textile Clean & Protect, which contains products for both cleaning and impregnating textiles.

Regardless of the type of outdoor sofa you choose, you need to wipe the furniture occasionally to keep it clean. It’s a good idea to cover it with a protective cover when not in use. It’s also beneficial if you can store the sofa in a dry place during the winter, as this extends its lifespan by many years.

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