Outdoor dining table

Outdoor dining tables should be both stylish and practical. Here you’ll find Artwood’s exclusive, durable dining tables in timeless designs for patios, gardens, and balconies.

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Long breakfasts on lazy vacation days and late dinners on warm, bright summer evenings. The outdoor dining table takes center stage during many of the year’s most delightful moments!

In Artwood’s range, you’ll find garden tables in various sizes. The larger dining tables are perfect for hosting delightful meals with family and friends. Our smaller café tables are ideal for a compact balcony or patio, or perhaps as a cozy spot for coffee or a beautiful focal point at the entrance or in the garden. Which table suits your needs best? Keep readning, and we’ll provide tips on what to consider when purchasing a new dining table for your outdoor space or garden.

Outdoor dining tables – size and shape

When selecting the size of an outdoor dining table for your patio, consider both the size of the outdoor space and the number of people you want to accommodate around the table.

  • Measure your outdoor space and allow for at least approximately 80 cm of free space around the dining table to prevent it from feeling cramped.
  • Keep in mind that each person sitting at the table should ideally have a tabletop that is at least 60 cm wide. So, a square table for 4 people should be at least 120 cm long.

Also, think about the table’s shape. Square dining tables are classic and practical, and few things beat a beautifully set long table. On the other hand, round dining tables can create a softer and more airy impression. Round tables are also charming because no one sits at the head; everyone at the table can easily make eye contact and converse with each other. If you choose a round outdoor dining table, it should be slightly larger than an equivalent square table. Aim for a diameter of at least 100 cm for 4 people to sit comfortably at a round outdoor dining table.

Material that can handle all weather conditions

Outdoor dining tables are exposed to a lot of wear and tear and must withstand outdoor conditions. Therefore, outdoor tables are often made from durable materials such as metal, stone, hard woods, and concrete. Artwood’s outdoor dining tables are crafted from teak and concrete. If you take care of the table properly, it will stay beautiful for many years!

Pssst… Before you start reading the care instructions, we also recommend our protective covers. Covering your outdoor furniture when not in use helps keep them looking great for even longer.

Care advise for wooden outdoor dining tables

Outdoor furniture made of wood ages beautifully, but it’s essential to care for your dining table properly to avoid issues like mold.

  • Regularly clean the wooden outdoor dining table with water and mild soap. Avoid using strong cleaning agents.
  • Treat the table with Teak Shield a couple of times a year to protect it from moisture and dirt.
  • During the winter, store the table in a dry place with good ventilation. If the table is placed in a damp and poorly ventilated environment, the surface may develop mold spots that can be difficult to remove.


Care advise for concrete outdoor dining tables

Concrete outdoor furniture is resilient in many ways but can be sensitive to the combination of moisture and cold. Therefore, it’s important to care for your concrete table properly.

  • Clean the concrete outdoor dining table with water and mild soap. Never use abrasives or cleaning products that contain bleach, acid, or ammonia.
  • Wax the concrete table once during the first two months after purchase and then regularly every three to six months. Spray Wax provides excellent protection and is easy to use.
  • Before storing it for the winter, clean the table thoroughly and saturate the concrete with oil, such as regular canola oil or olive oil. This prevents moisture from penetrating the concrete and causing frost damage.
  • Store your concrete table in a frost-free, covered area during the winter. When storing it, avoid covering the concrete table with plastic or tarps, allowing air to circulate freely. Ensure that snow and ice cannot accumulate on the concrete surface, and do not leave pots or similar items on the table during the winter.


More tips for your outdoor dining area

If you want to make the most of your outdoor dining area, you can approach it in the same way you do indoors. Combine your outdoor dining table with stylish dining chairs – match or mix depending on the look you’re going for. Adding a weather-resistant rug under the dining area can tie the furniture together into a harmonious whole. Complement your dining set with a large umbrella; it provides welcome shade on hot days and can also act as protection from a gentle summer rain. We’d also like to suggest our sleek and versatile console tables. These slim tables are easy to move around – perfect for extra serving space or as a buffet table for your summer gatherings!

If you’d like to explore our range of dining tables and other exclusive outdoor furniture, you are warmly welcome to visit one of our many resellers.