Oak veneer consists of a thin sheet of oak, which is glued to a dull and hard fiber board in MDF. The veneer is painted and varnished in several steps, which gives a hard and durable surface, but retains its natural appearance.


Cleaning is done with a slightly damp cloth, no strong cleaning agents may be used. When unpacking, wipe the furniture with a slightly damp cloth (without detergent) as there may be paint dust from the production on the surface.

Other Oak Veneer

completely solid oak and have been treated and painted by hand. On the surface is a colourless wax. The surface is smooth and natural branches and cracks have been left visible. This makes the furniture unique and no two are alike.


Remember that the surfaces are sensitive to strong cleaning agents and use underlays under glass, cups, vases etc. Wipe gently with a slightly damp cloth. Vacuum cleaner with soft furniture nozzle is suitable for the natural cracks. The furniture should be treated with uncolored furniture wax, which protects against stains.

We recommend the use of Spray Wax. Spray Wax prevents liquid and dirt from penetrating the surface. The product works excellently on wood, stone and other absorbent materials that need to be protected.

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