Marble and bluestone are natural limestones, which are softer and more porous, than e.g., granite and therefore requires a little more care. There may be small cavities in the stone, which are completely normal for real natural stone and are part of the stone’s character. Each stone is completely unique, and no two stones are alike. They are polished from the factory and have a soft and glossy surface. Veins and streaks can vary greatly due to the mining from different boulders. Therefore, it can differ a lot in patterns and colors between two stones.


If liquids are left on the surface, the stone will absorb them and there is a risk of stains. Use coasters for glasses and cups, as many drinks such as coffee, juice, alcohol, etc. can cause permanent stains. Wipe up spills immediately and use a clean cloth dampened for cleaning. Ordinary soap is the best cleaning agent, as the soap also re-greases the stone. Never use regular cleaners as they may contain citric acid, which can damage the stone.

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