As the air cools and the first autumn leaves crackle underfoot, it’s time to prepare a cosy home interior for the colder months ahead. With their attractive mix of modern and rustic design, chalet interiors make the ultimate warm and comfortable retreat from the frozen world outside.

Here’s how to create the perfect winter chalet feeling in your home

Invest in luxurious seating

The chalet style is defined by the sense of comfort it creates. A comfortable haven in colder climates, they aren’t complete without luxurious sofas that invite you to take a seat and relax in front of a roaring fire. Add armchairs and ottomans to ensure a truly restful and modern chalet interior. 

Make the log fire a focal point

The classic chalet style has a fire as its focal point. This aesthetic is based on the idea of being able to gather around it for cosy evenings spent reading or entertaining guests. Make sure your mountain lodge comes complete with appropriate accessories, such as rustic-looking woven baskets for storing firewood and vintage fire tools to keep the fire merrily roaring all night long. 

Soften the look with textiles

With textiles, you can easily create that perfect cosy feeling. Think about layering textiles and feel free to mix different textures, for example a plain weave with a knitted textile. A beautiful rug is comfortable to walk on and will also dampen sound for a calmer, more relaxing atmosphere. Be generous with cushions and throws, preferably in nature’s own colour scale. Faux fur gives a rustic feeling and luxurious materials such as wool and cashmere warm you with extra comfort.

Light up your space

Accessories are vital to create your dream chalet-style interior. Most importantly, you need the right lighting to drive the shadows of winter away. And don’t be afraid to be extravagant. A large ceiling chandelier will add a luxurious touch to the space. And, if there is space, strategically placed floor lamps and lanterns can cast light and warmth into every corner.

Consider areas for entertaining

Mountain chalets are designed to be communal and inviting spaces. They’re a place to entertain as well as relax, so a large dining table is a must-have feature. This will give you and your guests somewhere to meet and socialize on long, winter nights. Complete the look with comfortable dining chairs, so hours of laughter can follow your shared meals together.

Mould your aesthetic with rustic accessories

When it comes to choosing accessories, look to nature for inspiration. Use rustic materials and imagery, from faux fur throws to antler chandeliers and alpine paintings. Add scented candles too, allowing the smells of cinnamon and vanilla to perfume the air. Finish the look by placing vases of winter flowers and foliage on side tables and coffee tables.


Below, we’ve created five different styles for furnishing your chalet-style home. Which is your favourite? Take a look and find inspiration.

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