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Round dining table

A round dining table often creates a pleasant atmosphere around the table and an airy, softer feel in the dining area. Here, you can see all of Artwood’s round tables for the kitchen and dining room.

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Round dining tables create a pleasant dining experience, whether you’re dining alone or with family and friends. Pair them with matching (or charmingly mismatched) dining chairs, and frame the dining area with a large rug and perhaps an elegant ceiling lamp or chandelier for a cozy atmosphere.


Round dining table – Several benefits

A round dining table often creates a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen or dining room because everyone is at an equal distance from the center of the table and can easily make eye contact with each other. A round dining table encourages enjoyable conversations!

Another advantage of a round dining table is that it often feels less imposing than a square or rectangular one. It can provide an airier and softer look in a small kitchen or dining area. Plus, it’s easier to move around a round or oval table since there are no sharp corners.

Keep in mind that a round dining table should be slightly larger than a square one to accommodate the same number of people. A round table for 4 people should ideally be at least around 100 cm (approximately 39 inches) in diameter. If you choose a table with an extension leaf, you can easily make the dining table larger when needed. A small round dining table is suitable for individuals living alone or small families, while a larger round or oval table can accommodate more people.


Care instructions – Wood & veneer dining tables

Solid wood is a durable material that ages beautifully. Many of our round wooden dining tables have a natural, unprocessed appearance with an irregular surface. Therefore, it’s a good idea to occasionally vacuum the table surface with a soft brush, in addition to wiping it down with a damp cloth. The same applies to our dining tables with veneer tops. Keep in mind that veneer is a bit more delicate than solid wood.

When you receive the dining table, it’s treated with a protective wax. To maintain this protection, you should continue to wax the table. We recommend using Spray Wax, which is easy to apply and prevents liquids and dirt from penetrating the surface of the dining table.


Care instructions – Concrete dining tables

Our round concrete dining tables are waxed, providing a good base protection against stains. For everyday cleaning, you can use water and regular green or yellow soap. Avoid using abrasive or cleaning products that contain acid, bleach, or ammonia, as they can easily damage the concrete surface. Additionally, it’s recommended to treat the table with wax once within the first two months after purchase and then periodically every three to six months. Spray Wax provides effective protection and is easy to use.


Let your round dining table become the eye-catcher of the room

The dining table is often a natural focal point in the room, and when the table is set for a cozy breakfast or a delightful dinner, the dining area is more inviting than ever. When you’re not using the table, consider arranging a few candleholders or lanterns in a group to create a beautiful centerpiece. A bouquet or potted plant adds some life and lovely greenery and can be easily adapted to the changing seasons. Here, you can find more kitchen details such as napkin rings and baskets.


Are you looking for a round dining table for your dining area? You can find our round and oval tables here on the website and at our many retailers around the country. Welcome to the table!