The furniture is made mainly of natural materials such as granite flour, cement, natural jute fibers and water. The concrete is porous and when finished, the product is treated with a wax to provide active protection against stains. Colour variations may occur. The concrete is cast by hand and the thickness can be somewhat different. Therefore, the height can vary a little bit for the same furniture.

The concrete furniture can be used outdoors during summertime. Keep in mind that tables with a bowl-shaped surface can’t be left standing with water in them, or stored outdoors in winter. Note. All concrete furniture are not suited for outdoor use.


Clean with a mild detergent and water. Do not use abrasives or cleaning products containing bleach or ammonia. We do not recommend the use of ordinary detergents (which are often citrus based) as they may contain acid, which can damage the concrete. Plain soft soap, green or yellow, is an excellent cleaning agent for the concrete, as the soap also greases the concrete.

The furniture should be treated with wax once in the first two months after purchase and then every three to six months depending on use and placement.

We recommend that our customers regularly treat their tabletops in this way as the surface treatment wears off over time. You should be extra careful about tabletops when they are new as they are still in the intense hardening phase and the risk of stains is higher during that time.

When the furniture is used outdoors, the surface layer is even more important, as moisture can penetrate the concrete. During summertime this is not a problem, but if the furniture is exposed to moisture in connection with cold, cracks and flakes may appear in the concrete.

These damages are not considered as claims! Therefore, it is important that the furniture is treated regularly, in order to protect the furniture.

Prior to winter storage, it is very important that the furniture is saturated with oil to prevent moisture from entering the concrete and causing damages. Normal olive oil can be used. Use a regular cloth and continue to treat the furniture until the concrete no longer absorbs and is saturated.

Remember not to cover the concrete with plastic or tarpaulin and do not leave anything on the surface, such as pots or other furniture. Make sure that snow and ice cannot accumulate and remain on concrete surfaces.

Keep the furniture under roof and frost-free.

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