Outdoor fabric

The patio becomes both more comfortable and cozier with comfortable cushions and pillows. Here you’ll find Artwoods exclusive collection of outdoor fabrics for cushions, outdoor pillows, and more.

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Artwoods exclusive outdoor fabrics withstand the unpredictable forces of weather much better than regular textiles. Choose from solid-colored fabrics with a linen look or timeless, patterned fabrics such as stripes or herringbone.

Which fabrics can be used outdoors?

On a fine weather day, almost any fabric can be used outdoors for a while, but during poor weather conditions, more durable textiles are required – and some fabrics withstand weather changes better than others. Generally, natural materials such as cotton and linen are a bit more sensitive to both sun and moisture. Outdoor fabrics are therefore often woven from synthetic materials, such as polyester.

Fabric durability & lightfastness

When looking for durable outdoor fabrics for balcony and patio, it’s good to be aware of the measurements of durability and lightfastness.

Martindale is a measure of how durable a fabric is. The higher the number, the higher the durability. Fabric covers intended for indoor furniture in home environments should have a Martindale value of at least 15,000. Our outdoor fabrics for cushions and outdoor pillows for the patio have values ​​ranging from 20,000 to 90,000 Martindale, which means they are very durable.

The lightfastness of textiles is measured on a scale from 1-8, where 1 = sensitive and 8 = not sensitive. A low value means that the fabric fades faster. In strong sunlight, all fabrics will fade sooner or later, but our outdoor fabrics have lightfastness ratings ranging from 4 to 8, making them suitable for use on the patio and balcony.

Customized cushions for outdoor furniture

Artwoods outdoor furniture with cushions are usually sold with off-white outdoor fabric cushions as standard. The cushion itself consists of polyether with a thin covering of finely cut polyether and synthetic fibers. On top of the cushion, you can then choose whether you want the cover in standard design or if you prefer covers tailored in any other of our outdoor fabrics.

Stylish and durable outdoor pillows

Just as we like to have some extra pillows on the sofa indoors, the patio and balcony also become more comfortable and cozy with extra pillows. By choosing pillow covers sewn in our outdoor fabrics for your patio, you get considerably more durable outdoor pillows that stay fresh and nice for longer.

How to take care of your outdoor fabrics

Cleaning: If you impregnate Artwood’s outdoor fabrics, they resist stains well, but they may still need washing from time to time. Some of our outdoor fabrics can be machine washed, but be sure to choose a gentle cycle and the correct temperature. You can also clean cushions and pillows made of outdoor fabrics using the water-based cleaning agent included in our Textile Clean & Protect product. It’s a foam cleaner suitable for textile cleaning. Always remember to test on a hidden area before treating the entire fabric.

Impregnation: Textile Clean & Protect also includes a textile impregnation that effectively protects the fabric against new stains. Impregnate the fabric before using it and repeat the impregnation regularly, especially after washing

Winter storage: Keep in mind that even outdoor fabrics stay fresh and nice much longer if you bring them inside during bad weather. Having a cushion box easily accessible near the patio and covers for outdoor furniture can also be a good solution. When the outdoor season is over, cushions and outdoor pillows should be stored indoors.

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