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Our popular Montana modular sofa in the color Quiet Anthracite takes up space in the room with it’s straight lines and edge piping make Montana give a grand impression. A modular sofa is perfect for any manner of lounging and it will make the most of your space! Simply because you oversee the shape and mould it to your personality and style. Note the decorative seam across the center of the chaise lounge.

The chenille yarn in the fabric gives Quiet an extra soft, voluminous, and luxurious feeling. Note that during daily use a woolly / hairy effect can occur. It is a result of the furniture being used and not a sign of low quality. Pilling is more common in winter when our indoor climate is drier. Too low humidity creates static charge, especially on synthetic fabrics, and the furniture will more easily attract hair, dust, or other types of fibres.

Montana consists of high-resilience foam that increases the strength and elasticity of the seat, preventing deformation. This type of filling is made from silicone down, which retains the properties and softness of feathers, but eliminates unsightly kneading and allergenic properties. This filling ensures the highest comfort.

The Montana series is available in several different colors in both right- and left-handed modular parts, and 4-seater sofas.

Quiet Anthracite – 90% polyester, 10% polyacrylonitrile.

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Height: 88 cm
Width: 130 cm
Seat height: 42 cm
Depth: 190 cm
Armrest height: 61 cm

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